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Buying your propertyBuying Your Property

When buying a property it is important to ask the right questions of the agent or current owners. Its a big purchase buying property and one that needs preperation.. Bring a checklist when you go to view a new home. Some things may seem obvious, but they are easily forgotten when you are admiring the stone floor bathroom or the landscaped garden....

Selling Your PropertySelling Your Property

Buyers on sites such as Right Move uk are willing to pay up to £10,000 more for an environmentally friendly property, sellers are choosing insulation, solar panels, various renewables and double glazing over frivolous fixtures and fittings to add real value. Environmental awareness are encouraging buyers to pay close attention to a home's run...

Renting Uk PropertyRenting Uk Property

Generally, renting a property is a much simpler process than buying a home. But, remember that you are living in someone's property, and that means you must work with the owner or managing agent to repair anything that goes wrong. Below are the simple steps for UK renting and will provide you with sound advice when finding a place to rent...

How to sell your house on Rightmove

August 20th, 2015 right move estate agents

Selling your house on the Rightmove web site is certainly a great way to be seen and find many more potential purchasers. But how do you get on there? Most good estate agents are experts in selling properties and will know that a web prescence is essential for capturing the market of people moving into […]

Property Top Trumps – Home

September 21st, 2013 Property Top Trumps - Home

Over the next week, Your right move has been looking at the statistics of some of your favourite property portals to find out what is currently the Joker in the pack and which is the Super Trump. Using the analogy of an old card game Top Trumps, we take a look each day to see […]

Rightmove Houses

April 15th, 2013 Rightmove or not so right move

Of all the rightmove houses we found this….. I’ve seen advertised, this one must take the best award. Not only the cheapest but also the most likely to disappear with global warming. It actually was put on the site as a house under offer as you can see from the pictures. The site had […]

FindaProperty App vs Rightmove App

March 11th, 2013

Battle of the Apps Recently there seems to be an application for everything. iPhone users are being given a lot of choice and service from the property sites and Right Move and Find a Property are no exception. Even Sarah Beeny informs me that the new Tepilo web site is currently having an Application built […]

Half a Million House Valued at 5 Grand

February 4th, 2013 Half a Million House Valued at 5 Grand

How could Half a Million Pound House Ever Get Valued at 5 Grand! With such an outrageous contrast in price of this property in Surrey its a perplexing issue One estate agent values the property at £5,000 pounds Another values it at £10,000 pounds. Why then would it have another value of £500,000 ! In effect […]

Youtube Property

Not often you see a property priced at half a million, then valued at a few thousand, but if its made of plastic bricks there may be a difference of opinion. Thats exactly waht happened when this house was built in Sussex